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Published 09.24.2018 By Tanisha

5 Tools Everyone Should Have on Deck

***This post contains affiliate links, and LNG will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on any of the links below.***

You’ve built a massive collection of hair care products and tools over the last few years.  Some of which you use, and some of which you don’t.  No matter how you style and care your hair, there are some tools you will need in your arsenal no matter what.  There are no substitutes for these tools.  Read on and let us streamline your hair care arsenal with some of our favorites.

Ouidad Double Detangler

No matter your hair type or texture, you need a good wide-toothed comb for effectively detangling your hair.  Your comb should be seamless and not pull or snag your hair in anyway.  My go-to wide-toothed comb is Ouidad’s Double Detangler.

It glides through curls and kinks without tugging or ripping the hair.  Better yet, after I’m done, there isn’t nearly as much shed or broken hair as other wide-toothed combs leave.  But beware.  This sucker is heavy and can totally be used as a weapon against an intruder.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel or Turban

Ok.  Any microfiber towel or turban will do.  It just needs to be microfiber and not your standard towel.  Why? Cotton towels will rough up your hair cuticles, making your hair appear frizzy and hard to manage.

Microfiber towels dry your hair faster without roughing up or disturbing your natural curl or coil pattern.  This keeps your curls and coils looking vibrant and healthy.  A t-shirt will do, but it won’t dry your hair as fast as microfiber will.

Non-Slip Croc Clips

Stop using those metal clips to section and secure your hair.  Those clips will tug and snag your hair.  Instead, buy croc (aka crocodile or t-rex) clips.  Any brand will do.

Crocodile clips are great because they do a better job at securing the hair in place.  It holds the hair without slipping or snagging your hair.  They can also hold substantial amounts of hair.

Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

A hood or bonnet dryer is an absolute must for any healthy hair care regimen.  It allows you to use heat when deep conditioning your hair.  Curly and coily heads of hair require deep conditioning treatments after every wash to keep the hair soft and moisturized until the next wash.

I use this particular dryer because I like that the design is nice and compact for storing.  It also has 4 different heat settings so I can have control over how much heat I want to expose my hair too.  It is also great for drying your wet sets.

The Original Hair Bungee

Do you wear ponytails?  Everyone wears ponytails!  You need a hair bungee in your life.  It is the best for making secure ponytails won’t snag or pull your hair out.  It’s easy to use, and you can effortlessly adjust how much tension you want to have a pony that feels secure and in place.

To use, hook one end into the hair.  Next wrap around your hair to form a ponytail.  Then secure the last hook into your ponytail.  (The hooks are not designed to interlock with one another.)  You’re done.  Easiest, healthiest ponytail that you’ve ever had.

There you have it.  My top five hair tools no matter how you style or care for your hair.  I’ve used these babies for the last five years and will continue using them in the future.

Did I miss one?  What are your top five staples, regardless of hair texture or style?  Let me know in the comments below.

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