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Published 07.23.2018 By Tanisha

How Do I Grow My Hair Faster Part 2

You technically can’t grow your hair faster.  The fastest rate at which your hair will grow has already been predetermined by your genetics.  The average person grows ½ an inch of hair a month.  You have it all wrong if you think that growing longer hair means that it involves focusing all your efforts on your scalp.  For most women, it’s all about the ends of the hair.  There are two parts to growing longer hair: hair growth and hair retention.

Hair Growth

Hair follicles grow strands of hair in a cycle known as the hair follicle cycle.  This cycle varies depending on genetics and where the hair is located on the body.  Hair follicles grow hair in three distinct phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen.  The anagen phase is considered the growth phase and can last between two and six years.  At any given time, ninety percent of the hair is in this phase and actively growing.  The other two phases are less important for this article since they don’t contribute to the active growth of hair.

To reach your optimal hair growth according to your genetic code, you have to create an ideal environment to grow the best quality of hair that can withstand damage from your hair styling routine over a long period of time.  Start by solving any scalp problems that you may have and address any medical problems.

Studies have also shown that stress plays a huge part in the quality of hair that your scalp can grow, in addition to your ability to grow hair in general.  Stress can lead to temporary hair loss if it is sustained over long periods of time.  Diet and nutrition are also very important.  If your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to grow the best quality hair possible, your scalp will not produce the best quality of hair possible.   You can easily remedy this by adding a daily multi-vitamin to your diet.

Lastly, you want to wash your scalp regularly to produce an environment conducive to hair growth.  A dirty scalp that is dry and itchy will not produce the best quality hair possible.  Furthermore, you want to keep products from building up on the scalp.  Product buildup can clog the hair follicles and prevent hair growth.  Avoid products that build up and wash your hair regularly.

Hair Retention

This is where a lot of women fail due to their styling choices.  For most women, their inability to keep the hair that they grow is the reason why their hair “won’t grow” or seems to grow very slowly.  Hair retention is the name of the game, and it is all about protecting the lengths of the hair, the hair that your scalp worked so hard to grow, from damage.

Damage comes in three forms: mechanical, chemical, and environmental.  Mechanical damage refers to how you handle your hair day-to-day and your styling choices (weaves, braids, heat, etc.).  Protect your hair from mechanical damage by handling your hair like fine, delicate silk and consistently follow a basic, healthy hair care regimen that consists of regularly washing, conditioning, and trimming your hair.

Chemical damage is hair color, relaxers, and perms.  Avoid the use of chemicals at all costs to keep your hair stronger in the long-term and make it more resilient to damage.  Environmental damage is bleaching from the sun, cold and hot climates, and mineral deposits from the water.  Wear hats in the summer and winter, and immediately wash your hair after swimming with a chelating shampoo to remove the minerals from the water.

You can’t change your genetics to make your hair grow faster, but you can make sure that you have a healthy scalp that can produce the best quality of hair possible.  Also, you absolutely have control over how you handle your hair on a day-to-day basis.  This should be the most important take away from this article.  Treat your hair gently with TLC every single day, and you will see the fruits of your labor.  Your hair will grow.

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