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Published 05.27.2018 By Tanisha

How to Pick the Right Hair Products

Choosing the right products for your hair is a daunting task.  There are just so many brands and types of products that it can be hard to figure out where you should start.  While I can’t promise that there won’t be some trial and error involved before you find the right products for your hair, I can help you narrow your search down greatly.

When looking for hair care products, you should start by assessing the condition of your scalp.  If you suffer from dandruff, you may want to consider buying a dandruff shampoo.  If you have a dry scalp, you’ll want to look for scalp treatments or shampoos that will hydrate and drench your scalp in moisture.  Ideally, you’ll have one shampoo for your scalp and one that you use solely on the lengths of your hair.

Next, assess the condition of your hair.  When shopping for hair care products, you will see hair care products for dry, damaged, chemically-treated, sun-bleached, porous, etc.  Though these descriptors have different causes, they have the same effect on the hair shaft; and therefore, they need the same types of products.  If the condition of your hair falls into any of the categories listed above, buy products that will help your hair look healthy while growing out your damaged hair.

Once your hair is healthy, you should buy products based on how you intend to style your hair.  If you decide to wear your naturally curly, you will want to avoid silicones in your hair care products.  Silicones can build up on your hair and be difficult to remove.  They are also known for making the hair greasy, limp, and dull when they build up.  Removing silicones require the use of sulfate shampoos.  A lot of sulfate shampoos are harsh and drying.  This leaves curls and coils dry and frizzy, which is a curly girl’s nightmare.  Buy products that have mostly natural ingredients.

On the other hand, if you use direct heat on your hair, you will absolutely need silicones in your styling products, especially your heat protectant.  Silicones are the only ingredient that can offer any heat protection for your hair.  Because silicones can be hard to remove, you will need to use a mild, creamy sulfate shampoo.  This will ensure that you effectively remove the silicones from your hair before styling it with direct heat again.

To summarize, first look for products to solve any scalp problems that you may have.  Next, address the condition of your hair.  Remember that products earmarked for dry, damaged, chemically-treated, colored, or sun-bleached hair can all use the same types of ingredients no matter what the bottle may say.  If you have healthy hair, choose products based on how you intend to style your hair.  Naturally curly and kinky hair require different products than hair that you intend to heat style with direct heat.  If you follow these rules, you’ll vastly narrow down your choice of products and be on your way to finding the right products for your hair.

How do you choose your hair products?  Let us know in the comments below!

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