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Published 01.28.2019 By Tanisha

Do you really need that hair vitamin?

We read a lot about how to grow longer, healthier hair, and a lot of the hair care advice on the internet says to eat a balanced diet, avoid stress, etc.  But is there any truth to this advice?  There actually is.  Your diet and well-being can very well affect your scalp’s ability to grow good, quality hair that is healthy and strong.

First, you need a healthy, balanced diet to produce good quality hair that grows strong and long.  Fortunately, most of the food that we eat is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, making it very likely that most of us are meeting our nutritional needs without the need to take vitamins or supplements.

You will only see adverse changes in your hair if you have an extreme diet.  Vegans may need to take more supplements if their hair starts to thin or become finer than normal.  Women suffering from anorexia or bulimia will also have trouble growing good, quality hair.  For everyone else, you should get enough nutrients in your diet to forgo taking vitamins and supplements.

Stress is often linked to hair loss.  Studies have confirmed that even a short bout of stress can have a significant effect on your hair follicles’ ability to produce strong hair.  Stress causes the hair follicle to slowly shrink.  When this happens, the follicle produces strands of hair that are thinner and thinner until it stops producing any hair altogether.

If a woman appears to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but her hair starts falling out all of a sudden, stress is most likely the cause.  In fact, stress can cause hair loss three months after the event in question.  The good news is that once the stressful event is over, hair loss almost always reverses.  You’ll have to give it time and be patient.  No amount of vitamins or supplements will help.

So, when you read about how important a balanced diet and overall well-being is, know that there is definitely something to it.  However, if you eat fairly well and know how to manage your stress, you have nothing to worry about.  You don’t need to take vitamins and supplements.  You can focus on what matters the most, which is how you handle your hair and the styling choices you make.  So maybe stop taking your hair care vitamins?  I mean the choice is yours, but that’s my suggestion.

Source: Science Daily

Do you take a hair vitamin?  Do you feel like it works?  Let me know in the comments below.

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