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Love. Nurture. Grow. is a free online comprehensive hair care program that helps black women achieve their hair care goals.

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LNG is a free online comprehensive hair care program that helps black women learn hair care basics, implement healthy hair care practices, track their progress, and discover new hairstyles – all in one place.

The idea for LNG was born after watching the film, “Good Hair,” by Chris Rock. It was so disheartening to see black women invest so much time and money into hair that wasn’t their own. It was even more heartbreaking to see how damaged their hair had become from the use of relaxers simply because they did not know how to care for their natural hair.

It hit us. We know a thing or two about healthy hair. Besides, we had spent years learning and implementing healthy hair care practices ourselves. We successfully transitioned from damaged, relaxed hair to healthy, natural hair, obtaining the longest hair of our lives. We had even become the hair gurus among our circle of friends and family. Our friends, family, and co-workers would constantly ask for hair care advice, and strangers would often come up to us and compliment us on our hair.

We felt an overwhelming need to create a website that encouraged black women to learn how to properly care for their hair. So we started reading as many books as we could on various hair caretopics from a range of hair care experts. We studied, took notes, wrote, and rewrote our program to create something special – our own comprehensive hair care program.

LNG is designed to encourage healthier, longer hair by focusing on four components: implementing the right regimen, wearing the right hairstyles, buying the right products, and using the right tools for your hair. All of the information and resources necessary are provided in a do-it-yourself program that allows you to take your hair care into your own hands.

Helping you achieve your hair care goals makes us happy. We invite you to embrace healthy hair and begin loving your hair from roots to ends with LNG.


Tanisha and Latisha Denham


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